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Somero present most beautiful part of the Finnish countryside. Numerous clear lakes, wheat fields and great forests are indeed the most Finnish landscape which you might have read in brochures. So if you like to stand in awe of the landscapes you will find them in four kinds in Somero. There are great deep forests, green dales and moors, wet swamps and rich green areas – not to forget the fields of wheat!

Häntälä Hollows

The hollows in Häntälä are a rare sight in Finnish nature. The atmosphere is almost like from the mystical moors of Scotland. In Häntälä hollows, especially during early summer, there are lots of flowers and the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful. You can visit the hollows on marked nature path that goes through the pastures. Therefore dogs are not allowed on this nature path. The Finnish Everyman’s Right allows walking and hiking in the area where cows and sheep are roaming. 

You can find the guiding signs to the nature path and lots of parking places at the village center in Häntälä. (Häntäläntie 322)

Lounais-Someron kyläyhdistys
phone +358 40 8360 178

hantala.kylille.fi/yhdistys/ (fi)

Paimio river

Nationally signicant landscape area of Paimio river creates amazing scenenary due to its waters and Oxroad that conforms the river. It is possible to explore the river by paddling or supping.

Paimionjoki -yhdistys

www.paimionjoki.fi (eng, fi)


Oxroad is one of the oldest historical roads in Finland. It passes through Somero from Turku to Hämeenlinna. The road has multitude of beautiful sceneries along its path that create memorable experience.

www.harkatie.fi (fi)

Iso-Valkee lake

Iso-Valkee Lake is located in Somerniemi. It´s a very pleasant travel destination for nature enthusiasts, summertime travelers, bird watchers, families, school classes, swimmers and divers. The lake holds very clear water and its shores are shallow so it is not only safe for children but also very clean. The forests around the lake are full of berries and mushrooms. Everyone is allowed to pick them thanks to the Finnish Everyman’s Right. The area has a 3 kilometer long marked nature path that suits forest walker beginners and children. There are also two wickets where you can spend a night if you are brave enough.

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Nature Trails


Murjuntie 349, 31470 Somerniemi

Häntälä Hollows

Häntäläntie 322, 31450 Somero

Esakallio-Hovimäki -trail

Salontie 40, 31400 Somero

Jogging and skiing tracks

National Parks

Somero has three major national parks right in its neighborhood; Teijo in Salo, Liesjärvi and Torronsuo in Tammela. Just like any other national parks these are large conservation areas that preserve parks’ diversity and naturalness. In national parks there are marked paths, nature paths and fireplace areas. You can also spend a night in national park as there are camping areas or structures meant for sleeping.

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Teijo National Park

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